Other Treats & Baked Goods

Other Treats & Baked Goods

Sweet Treats & Baked Goods


Cinnamon Rolls

w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

$1.75 each

$15 per dozen

$17 per dozen

Caramel / Peanut Butter / Chocolate Covered Pretzels $2.00 each

$20 per dozen

White Chocolate Popcorn

*other flavors available upon request

$1.50 per bag

*Minimum of 6 bags per order

Brownies & Crownies

*Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free available upon request

$1.75 each

$15 per batch (9 servings)

Freshly Baked Bread $3.50 per loaf
Rolls $2 per half-dozen

$3.50 per dozen

We provide a wide range of other baked goods and sweet treats! Follow us on Facebook to see our latest specials or call us with special requests.